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Did you know that Uncyclopedia and [[UnN:Illogicopedia|Illogicopedia]] are not the only projects kept by Uncyclomedia?<br>
Well, these are other humor projects under the wing of our wiki farm:
=== Stupidedia ===
[[stupi:|Stupidedia]] is a humor wiki existing since 2004 (before Uncyclopedia), that was welcome at Uncyclomedia as "the Bavarian version of Uncyclopedia". OK, it is in German, there is already a German version of Uncyclopedia at Wikia, but [[:en:Nobody cares|who cares]] anyway?
=== Encyclopaedia Daemonica ===
[[daemonica:|Encyclopaedia Daemonica]] is a bizarre mixture of Uncyclopedia with Encyclopedia Dramatica that is focused in the blasphemous humor. Maybe you like this. In English.
=== Wikinet ===
[[wikinet:|Wikinet]] is a wiki what mixtures internet memes with private humor. In Portuguese.