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::O link eu te enviei no Discord Marcelo [[User:Gusga1234|Gusga1234]] ([[User_talk:Gusga1234|discussão]]) 04:07, 13 September 2018 (UTC)
:::Entendido, em todo caso. No caso de novo fracasso pode restaurar o pedido. {{User:Rhubella Marie/ass}} 10:22, 15 September 2018 (UTC)
=== Unmania ===
{| class="toccolours" cellspacing="3"
| '''People interested:'''
*'''Proposer's user account in UnMeta and other wikis:''' None
*'''User accounts of others who are willing to work on the proposed wiki:'''
| '''Project name:''' Unmania
| '''ISO 639 language code:''' en
| '''Proposed domain:''' unmania.uncyclomedia.org
| '''Main Page name:'''UnMania
| '''Local [[Special:Allmessages|message list]]:'''
| '''Relevant infos:''' An wiki where pages are people speaking like jerks. In fact, you get to make up wikis where you can put in a year and then the domain unmania(year).uncyclomedia.org will be registered with the wiki and on the wiki you funny chat articles....and Funny UnMania (Year) info
| '''Link to request on a mailing list:''' None, yet.
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